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Who We Are 

MJM Educational Consulting is an organization that provides a network of change agents who coach teachers, administrators and students to cultivate a system-wide school culture that is supportive and respectful.  MJM training programs are designed to introduce and model effective behaviors and habits through participative activities, materials and technology.  We strive to equip teachers with relevant, best practices material to assist teachers with the expectations and standards of No Child Left Behind, as well as tighter standardized testing practices.  Teachers need to be equipped, more than ever before, to handle classroom management, support students who “fall between the cracks,” create a strong positive school climate and culture, and learn innovative instruction techniques so that student learning is paramount.  MJM Educational Consulting realizes these challenges and has been effectively active helping teachers and students build the school they desire. 

Building Academic Accountability

College and career readiness have become a significant area of concern for all schools internationally. Data has shown time and again that students are not prepared to enter either the four-year universities or the workforce with a skill set required for success.  MJM consultants have designed a systemic intervention that addresses this for teachers in areas from “cradle to college.” Teachers/professors are ill-equipped to support students where they are in their academic growth.  Teachers at the junior college and the university level have not been given the data needed to address and support their students who may enter below grade level upon graduation from high school.  MJM  has designed several programs to support these instructors so they are effectively engaging and developing their students.  This proprietary program supports teachers at all levels of institutional education to find the necessary means to create the end result of highly educated students upon graduation from high school as well as college. 


Dr. John Moretta has developed this systemic process for use in all college-level programs as well as high school teachers.  His expertise in understanding the demographics of students from higher economic brackets to lower economic brackets coupled with his innovative systems to create true educational accountability is the cornerstone of MJM’s BAC programs.  

BAC Programs

  • Understanding the use of effective assessments at the college and junior college level


  • Creating lesson planning for college instructors that takes into account the student’s diverse needs


  • Understanding the pathways to college and career placement for students in their junior and senior years


  • Building resources for college instructors that take into account a matrix that helps them truly educate all students regardless of their past educational challenges

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