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Academic Achievement Workshops

Our academic programs and interventions are designed to support teachers and their quest for essential elements of instructional delivery.  These workshops and coaching programs are created out of personal collaboration with the teacher and administration and target the most effective methods that can be crucial for student engagement and student growth.  Teachers are the main "delivery system" and the workshops and coaching shoulder-to-shoulder create the necessary process for teacher effectiveness. 

FIT Teaching and the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR)

The FIT Teaching (Framework for Intentional and Targeted Teaching) system is based on the works of Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. The five essential components of the FIT Teaching approach gives teachers the knowledge and skills they require to ensure that high-quality teaching and learning is occurring in every classroom.


FIT Teaching captures how the most effective teachers can promote successful learning for all students. The Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional framework will also be covered in this workshop where classroom teachers will learn how to establish the notion of moving students towards independence while providing them with the appropriate instruction.


MJM Educational Consultants will address the five elements of FIT teaching, including GRR, and how these principles can be applied in the classroom.

Lesson Planning from TEKS Resource System

An overview of TEKS Resource System will be provided. This workshop is designed specifically for classroom teachers. Upon completion, teachers will be able to:


  • Plan effective and engaging lessons based on TEKS Resource System

  • Learn the tools that are required to teach content area lessons aligned to the TEKS

  • Engage and learn about the Instructional Focus Document (IFD) form to cover all key components to create successful lessons for your students


Teachers will walk away from this workshop with the ability to successfully implement rich and engaging lesson plans using the TEKS Resource System.

Data-driven Instruction 2.0

Data-driven instruction is an educational application that relies on information to inform teaching and learning. Classroom teachers have the most direct link between instructional practices and student performance. Through the use of data, teachers can make decisions about what and how to teach including how to use time in class, scientifically-based interventions for students who are not meeting standards, and align teaching practices to meet the student needs.


Classroom teachers must develop the knowledge and skills required to be able to engage in a data-drive instruction setting.


MJM Educational Consultants will offer classroom teachers the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills to help them understand the pedagogical framework and technical skills required to obtain, analyze, and use information about students to make instructional decisions.


Our goal is to ensure that classroom teachers understand that data-driven instruction serves as a blueprint through assessment that assists classroom teachers to plan instruction to meet their students needs.

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