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Instructional Coaching

One of our key components is face to face, shoulder to shoulder, teacher coaching.  We have learned throughout the years that teachers can go to so many workshops and when they return they have difficulty implementing their new found skills.  Instructional Coaching, when done over the course of a year, helps teachers not only implement new strategies but to learn how to expand this into daily use and a toolkit experience.  The five key areas first and second-year teachers need a year-long experience so they can master their new found skills, then hone them so students receive the benefits during the course of the year. 

Key Areas

  • Lesson planning for both weekly and a year at a glance


  • Classroom management using both solid interventions and creating incentive programs that motivate students to work towards desired goals.  


  • Helping data define instruction and how to collect and assess data to sharpen the focus of instruction


  • Understanding best practices and how these are effective with students so they are engaged in the learning and see benefits and interest to be involved in their own responsibility for the outcomes of learning.   

We currently work with 26 school districts in five states with this capacity and see ourselves expanding this next school year due to high demand.  This has been a proven and very effective tool for teacher growth and retention.  We look forward to serving your district or campus in the future.  

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